I am worried I will lose customers if I institute a cash discount program?

After three years of  selling this program we have found the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. 

The elimination of fees far outweighs  the  chance of losing a  customer.

Customers understand that paying with a credit card has a cost .

 They  now have the opportunity to pay with cash. 

 Over 98% of people still choose to pay with credit. 

If I start this program do I have to sign a long term Contract?

There is never a contract with our company .   

All our agreement are always month to month and the merchant can cancel anytime.

If I don’t like this program can I switch back to traditional processing?

We would be happy to switch you back to traditional processing free of charge as well as, lower your rates compared  to your current provider.    

However, this does not  happen often.  We offer this security for  all merchants.

How fast can I get my money once the transaction is processed?

Next day funding  is available if the terminal  is batched out by 11PM  EST.

95% of merchants  are approved for 

next day funding

Is the percentage added to the sale set at 4% or can it be adjusted?

 The standard cash discount program is 4%. 

Agents can choose to go  as low as three percent  at a customer request.

If the agent  needs to go below  3%  percent  it will require management approval.

Why can it I just add 4% to each transaction and stay with my current processor?

Adding a surcharge is  against the card brand policies unless  the account is set up to accept them properly.  

Our  proprietary cash discount program is approved by all card brands.   

We also provide  all the required  signage  for  an approved Cash discount program.